13 Growth Hacking Secrets From the Best in the Business

A buzzword of increasing popularity, growth hacking is the process of using both conventional and unconventional methods to quickly grow a business. Coined by Sean Ellis, author of “Hacking Growth” and co-founder of GrowthHackers, the term “growth hacker” describes entrepreneurs …


Digital Marketing

September 18, 2017

how to use speaker notes in visme new feature

How to Use Speaker Notes in Visme [New Feature]

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare.
You’re in the middle of a presentation and everything is going just fine–until it isn’t. You’ve lost your train of thought and you don’t know how to get back on track.
One way to avoid this …


Product Feature Updates

September 14, 2017


21 Creative Flowchart Examples for Making Important Life Decisions

One tried-and-true visual format for dissecting complicated processes are flowcharts. You’ve probably seen all types of these, from humorous ones to those used in technical fields such as computer programming and engineering.
Flowcharts are diagrams that graphically represent a step-by-step progression …



September 11, 2017

12 visual hierarchy principles every non-designer needs to know

12 Visual Hierarchy Principles Every Non-Designer Needs to Know

What makes a great design? Even amateurs and who consider themselves complete non-designers can create effective compositions by prioritizing their content. What is the most important element of your design? What do you want audiences to notice second or third?

Design Inspiration

September 2, 2017

visme vs piktochart comparison

Visme vs. Piktochart: Which One is Right for You?

If you search for the “best infographic tools” online right now, you’ll find that there are more than a handful to choose from. With so many options, it can easily become a time-consuming task to decide which one best fits …


Product Feature Updates

August 30, 2017


40 Brilliant Geometric Patterns (And How to Use Them in Your Designs)

Shapes are the basis of most images and designs, but for a long time they weren’t something I put a lot of thought into. What eventually changed my mind was a character analysis on a Pokemon character named N.
The …


Design Inspiration

August 25, 2017


How to Improve Your Writing Skills: Interview with David Leonhardt

Some of the best bloggers and content marketers pull from their experiences in completely separate fields. David Leonhardt is one of those writers. The Montreal native may have served as co-editor for his high-school newspaper, but after he enrolled in …


Digital Marketing

August 23, 2017

school infographics How-a-High-School-District-is-Using-Visme-to-Communicate-With-Stakeholders

How a High School District is Using Infographics to Communicate With Stakeholders

Change can be a scary thing. Just ask the millions of teachers who are struggling to keep up with the technological changes revolutionizing classrooms across the country.
But Jamie Dyra is not one of these people. She is part of …


Case Studies

August 21, 2017

do humans have mating seasons? the surprising link between peak birth months latitude and seasons around the world

Do humans have mating seasons? This heat map reveals the surprising link between birthdays and seasons

Animals are by nature seasonal creatures: Deer mate during the fall, so their fawns are born just in time for the spring season when food becomes more abundant. Polar bears look for mates during late spring and early summer and …


Data Visualizations

August 15, 2017