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Case Study: How an Independent Entertainment Studio is using Visme

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I'm excited about today's interview with Kirsten Gouthier.  A lot of our users are not designers and yet they create pretty neat content with Visme.

But there is another aspect of our growing user base who don't need the full power of an advanced design tool but want a good balance between productivity and ease of use.

A great example is Kirsten (who the character Sue Fong Chu is based on) is using her creativity to work with Visme; she's been using Visme  for a while and creating some amazing content that might be mistaken as being created in a software such as illustrator or Photoshop.

Let's learn a bit more about Kirsten and her experience with Visme in her own words:

Tell us about your independent studio and the work it is involved in

Alternative Entertainment Network, Movies, Music without dogmas and propaganda. Natural Records Studios’ Music is RAW not mastered, not over produced; we let you enjoy first and foremost THE MUSIC and its entire purity and innocence!


Our entire productions consists of 3 elements The Music, The Movie, The Game; they always come together, they can’t be one without the other as the true essence and roots of our productions primarily comes from the Music Written, Produced and Composed by The Hawk, we humbly call our productions “New Musical” !

How are you involved at your company and what are your responsibilities?

I'm a skilled writer who prepares scripts for dramas, movies, short movies, MTV & Natural Records Studios Original productions that will appear on television, internet, etc.

I have exposure as a continuity writer, who creates station announcements, writing persuasively, creatively, and quickly because of the deadline pressures!

What is different about your product work versus other studios?


The fact that productions primarily comes from the Music Written, Produced and Composed by The Hawk, The Beats of Hell journey begins in the revelations of the artist (The Hawk) music and motion pictures in his sleep. Visions of music and films come simultaneously in his sleep. It is an extraordinary gift that not anyone has and only a few are gifted and blessed with such gifts from the Universe.

Gone are the days where artist sole obligations and duties were based on the performance on the stage, the set or on tour, artists today have to be polyvalent!

Also Natural Records Studios comprises of telecom specialist (The Hawk) CGI Artists (Toussaint Louverture) and certified programmers with established business background, all of these assets makes a major difference as we know how to promote ourselves as we have established relationships with telecom providers and aggregators worldwide for distribution and promotion of our 3 elements (Movies, Music and Games).

Why do you use Visme
versus other tools?

Gone are the days where artist sole obligations and duties were based on the performance on the stage, the set or on tour, artists today have to be polyvalent!

Hence as an independent studio we understand how crucial marketing and promotion are, we are very actively engaging in social media marketing and placement, education is key we have to be on a constant self-education mode and through this, education share the same message via articles, write ups, we find that INFOGRAPHICS are a fantastic way to share that information and VISME offers a seamless process that enables us to do just that quickly like 1, 2, 3!

Can you tell us about some of the projects you have created using Visme and provide some insight as to their purpose?

Primarily for education, to share the same message via articles, write ups, we find that INFOGRAPHICS are a fantastic way to share that information and engagement will follow, social media and engagement is a must today in promotion of any products and especially ARTS!

A few example where the Infographic serves as the focal point of our message.  Each Visme piece is seamlessly embed into our articles on our website:

Movie Distribution Sucks:
Steven Speilberg and George Lucas

short films is the way

Since the dawn of filmmaking, the U.S. major film studios have dominated both American cinema and the global film industry. Today, the Big Six majors routinely distribute hundreds of films every year into all significant international markets (that is, where discretionary income is high enough for consumers to afford to watch films).

It is very rare, if not impossible, for a film to reach a broad international audience on multiple continents and in multiple languages without first being picked up by one of the majors for distribution. Learn more here.

A history of CGI in the Movies

Graphics design was a progressive advancement that has occurred in aspects expanded over many decades. The innovation in computer technology is what has led to the development of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and CGI effects. Learn more here.

cgi movies infographic.  A history of CGI in the Movies



 Why are CGI animated films so expensive?

When a lot of individuals think of CGI (computer generated imagery), they conclude of a motion picture with unique effects or flying company logos. But CGI animation, in addition, can be applied to imagine complex concepts that would be complicated to explain in any other way.

CGI is also a beneficial method to develop very excellent photo-realistic images. CGI bids do essentially with numbers, what a camera does with light. In making these multimedia atmospheres, we generate and place models, cameras and lights in a very similar way you would in a real studio.

But we can do some extraordinary things that would be difficult in reality. Our world is interminable by gravity or other physical restrictions. With such flexible options, imagination and creativity become very essential. Learn more here

Why are CGI Movies so expensive?


Any features in particular you
like most about Visme?

For me in particular the drag and drop functionality is very helpful, it really helps my projects get done faster.

Would you recommend Visme to others? If so, why should
they consider using it?

I would love to recommend Visme. Based on my experience, I’m sure others would love to use the tool as well.

We work hard to improve Visme to be the best it can be.  To help us improve it further, what feature/functions do you feel are missing or would you like to see improved in the system?

In the past projects I created I noticed that when I download the project  as an image, I noticed a lot of my formatting got messed up and the only way I see these error is when I download the file. I hope this issue will be fixed. But overall, the new interface look very nice and I love it more.

Also, you should have a referral system as well to encourage more shares and recommendations. Just a suggestion.

Editor Note: In early May we launched an upgraded version of our PDF and JPG download that minimizes the rendering issue noted by Kirsten.


Here are a few more links to recent projects Kirsten and her team have created:

Batman The Dark Knight Infographic The Ironman Armor Capabilities Infographic captain-america-shield-abilities


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