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How to resize and infographic and other content in Visme


Let's face it.  Infographics come in all sizes and dimensions.

Even if you were to create your infographic based on a template, more than likely  you would need to resize its height.  That's because the height of your infographic is directly related to the amount of content and type of information you will be presenting on it.

So we decided to make it extremely easy for the users to visually size their infographics via our new simple but advanced sizing mechanism.  It's so simple we wonder why in the world it wasn't rolled out some time ago.

It's highly effective because you get to visually see where your existing content height is and then drag to achieve the desired height you are looking for.

Below we're covering how you can resize your infographic and also use custom size for any other project via the Canvas size widget:


How to size the height of an infographic

At the bottom of your project you will see a handle bar with two small arrows indicating the ability to drag up or down.   You can simply hold down your mouse and drag the bar north or south.

Depending on the direction you will be increasing or reducing the height of your infographic.

how-to-size-infographic-height how-to-size-infographic2

- The height is adjusted from the bottom of infographic.
- This feature is only available for infographic templates.  You will not see this under Presentations for example.

Changing both the Width and Height of Visme Projects


If you also need to adjust the width of your project (or if working with other forms of content beyond Presentations, then you can use the legacy Canvas size widget.   This is accessed via the top left of the panel.

These are simple tools, but they are very helpful when dealing with custom sizes.  For example if you are designing to embed a project to your website or blog, you may need to size down your Visme width to fit your site's real estate.


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About the Author

Payman Taei is the founder of Visme (he doesn’t like using the word ”CEO”—it’s way too formal), a DIY platform that allows everyone to create and manage presentations, infographics, reports and other visual content.

He’s also the founder of HindSite Interactive, an award-winning web design and web development company.

5 responses to “How to resize and infographic and other content in Visme”

  1. […] Using Visme you can resize an infographic right in your browser using the simple drag and drop scroller at bottom of your infographic. And use top left option  […]

  2. […] Using Visme you can resize an infographic right in your browser using the simple drag and drop scroller at bottom of your infographic. And use top left option  […]

  3. Will have to read this post a few times to ensure I acquired everything.

  4. Paulina Torres says:

    What are the measurement units for the canvas size?


    • Thanks for posting your question. The measurement units for the canvas size, whether it’s an infographic, presentation or other type of project, are pixels. In the case of infographics, they’re usually 800 pixels wide, while the length varies from project to project.

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